While my official 2019-2020 fundraiser based on my novel is now over, I remain fully engaged in educating both myself and others regarding accessible and equitable literacy and schooling.

Although my primary focus at the moment rests on working my way – remotely – through university and managing possible career strategies, my work and study remains largely centred around literature and (Higher) Ed accessibility through freelance tutoring. Most importantly, despite the limitations imposed upon us by the pandemic, I am actively looking for new volunteering and non-profit endeavours to help learners, big and small, tackle reading, critical analysis, or quantitative skills.

My Literature for Literacy initiative – Fundraiser Completed at $1563

From a young age, I have been an avid reader, eager to explore other writers’ stories and eventually create my own. Being proficient in 3 languages has allowed me to follow my passion and appreciate literature through the lens of different cultures. I speak from the heart when I say that reading has molded my identity and experience, as well as my development as an author. For several years I have been a writer-contributor for our school newspaper, as well as a keen participant in local projects aimed at improving literacy and reading skills. My favourite recent experience would be helping a seven-year-old student improve her reading out loud as part of a school-wide initiative – as cliché as it may sound, the pure joy she expressed at being able to progress from thin books with big letters to longer narratives was absolutely irresistible!

Yet, as I researched literacy further beyond my home country, I was left shocked by how low literacy and education rates are in many corners of the world, even now in the 21st century. Through my effort to fully understand the problem, I found Room to Read – a non-profit committed to solving global illiteracy.

As a young author, I am fully invested in advancing the goal of improving literacy and education in any way I possibly can. I have hence pledged and subsequently donated 100% of all first-year proceeds from the sales of my debut novel Waterdown to Room to Read through my fundraising page:

While my own contributions to the fundraiser have been concluded, I would like to offer warm thanks for every donation to Room to Read within this initiative, anonymous and otherwise! Together, as of January 2021, we have collected $1563 for this cause – surpassing my first modest goal of $1000. This is more than I personally could have hoped for and a major win for literacy development, in spite of the many challenges we have faced in the past year as a society.

Archived posts:

The Literacy and COVID-19 blog post offers the thoughts and message I would like to share with you in these difficult times. It likewise provides a statement concerning my pledge to donate the first year’s worth of my novel’s royalties to Room to Read in view of my current, global-pandemic-fuelled decision to reduce the pricing of Waterdown on whichever platforms possible.

My long-time-coming functional (il)literacy post is up in the blog section now, together with some awesome background research from the likes of UNESCO!

I’ve also taken a closer look at the global illiteracy causes, consequences, and solutions through a series of posts on this topic:

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  • The second update is here! Understanding the effects of illiteracy is key to solving this world-wide issue.
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Please feel welcome to likewise read my blog entries about the International Literacy Day, as well as a few more words on global (il)literacy.