Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

In this season of joy, I would like to introduce a new section on this website: ‘Lit & Art’. Encompassing every aspect of my personal creativity, from short-story writing to drawings and illustrations, my aim is to inspire my audience’s – your – diverse talents. After all, writing and art aren’t limited to 50k+ word novels or to book covers.

Moreover, I hope that ‘Lit & Art’ will be able to serve as my messy-space for ideas and offer a closer look at the human behind the author. My New Year’s Resolution also includes being more active on social media in 2020 and engage with ‘y’all’ (meaning my readers) much more! An ambitious endeavor for a person who has been conditioned by the pressure of school-work-career-aspirations to present a metahuman façade at all times:) .

Let me begin my creative wonderings with the short-story – so aptly named – Wonder, as published right here.

And worry not – I plan to resume my thought-sharing on literacy (I know, that functional literacy research I mentioned before) and, hopefully, get to engage in some real-world projects in the New Year. In the meantime – through everyone’s efforts, $877 has already made its way to Room to Read in 2019 as part of my Literature and Literacy fundraiser. Here’s to helping many more new readers and students!

Happy reading and Happy Holidays (Christmas and otherwise) to everyone!