Cause, Effect, Solution: the Finale.

Let’s add a little hope and positivity!

Now that I’ve established the causes of global illiteracy and its implications, I’d like to outline some of the ways in which education non-profits tackle this problem.

A clear and viable solution, using Room to Read’s tactics as illustration:

  • Room to Read is one of many literacy charities that “create local language materials that readers at various levels can enjoy. These books cover topics that capture children’s imaginations and make reading fun.” Such efforts focus on primary school – the foundation of every education – and help foster young readers’ passion for reading and learning.
  • They have developed teaching approaches that support literacy retention, training school staff in a “phonics-based instructional method” which promotes comprehensive reading and understanding in the long-term. What is more, they actively collaborate with governments, using their experience and success to advocate curriculum changes and education approaches in developing countries.
  • Building schools and training staff, as well as establishing libraries, is one of their core objectives. They work closely with local authorities, organisations and communities to maintain these establishments and create a sustainable environment which encourages children’s reading even without active support from the charity.
  • They have also established a separate programme aimed at encouraging girls to attend secondary school and giving them the material means to do so. In the poorest parts of the world, young women are the most at-risk group, often facing cultural biases that lead to early marriages, unwanted pregnancies and the danger of contracting HIV. Literacy efforts allow young women to reach their full learning potential, seek more equitable employment, “marry later, build a smaller and healthier family” and, most importantly, educate their own children, thereby ending the multi-generational illiteracy crisis.
  • When it comes to figures and facts: $50 is enough to teach a child to read and write for a whole year. $300 can keep a girl in school for a year, as per Room to Read’s girl’s education initiative.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much, if we all give a little: I don’t have a full-time job yet, but I am still contributing every cent of the earnings from my own work for this cause I feel so deeply about. There is no excuse.

I would like to encourage you to take an active part in the global literacy effort and, hopefully, inspire you with a clear and profoundly personal objective:

“As a high schooler, I have seen my fair share of classrooms. I want to help Room to Read fill another one with new students: literate and passionate about reading.”

I will hence continue to donate all of my novel’s royalties from various publishing outlets to my ‘Literature for Literacy’ fundraiser page as part of my ongoing pledge.

What about you?

  • Contribute directly to my fundraising page. Together, we are already well on our way to $1000! 20 children’s reading skills can benefit for an entire year – let’s help them fill that classroom!
  • If you would like to also support a young author or enjoy Sci Fi literature, check out my Waterdown novel. All royalties from all formats and media go to Room to Read.
  • Raise awareness! Share this message or share Room to Read’s website online or even with those closest to you. Use your literate and literal opportunity to research this cause and help others receive the same education you have.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support of all my followers both on this blog and on social media, and those of you donating to my Room to Read page. My research on illiteracy has been a humbling experience, and I’m honoured to be a part of a team effort to improve reading and writing skills for millions of children.

Thanks to all!