After months of writing, editing, drawing, and creating the launch of my personal startup is here.

My novel is now, for the first time, available on Amazon as an e-book. I’m gearing up to finalise transfers to a number of other platforms like Apple Books. This couldn’t possibly be more exciting – especially after the self-paved path that led me here, full of the coolest discoveries, as well as much learning.

Yet the most important question now is:

“What’s Waterdown?”

I’ve already published a snippet of my novel’s narrative, but here is a more comprehensive synopsis.

Geo Spears thought her legacy would put her above humanity. She had created Fusion A.I., the superintelligence that saved mankind from itself. Poverty, pollution, crime and war—all gone. The solution was simple—people’s minds just had to be whitewashed… watered down.

By 2135, few human wants, wishes, instincts or memories remained. But this was also the year Geo Spears’ longevity treatment failed. She had weeks to live, at most. Cast out by Fusion and faced for the first time with mortality, her past betrayal of family becomes entangled with the present of those she learns to hold dear. Geo is confronted with the true cost of her A.I. creation. And the one remaining path to absolution.

I do hope you’re interested — especially after you’ve witnessed all the twists and turns of Waterdown’s journey from blank page to ebook.

One last thing: I’d like to reiterate that all proceeds from sales will go straight to my Literature for Literacy fundraising page.

So without further ado, check out Waterdown’s Amazon link – I would love to hear your feedback!