Show – never tell.

…Except in this case, when I need to use my words and include a short DISCLAIMER.

Informality is essential to authenticity, at least when it comes to me and my Gen-Z “lol-xD-u-feel-me?” street talk. So, at least for now, my blog will be a melange of appropriate, funky and sometimes funny speech, all strictly PG.

When it comes to presenting myself to the outside world, especially such official institutions as other writers, agents, publishers, teachers etc., this choice may be a tad risky.

Hence a quick word of instruction:

  • If you are here for business, please head over to my bio – all other informational aspects of my work can be found there too. Please direct your inquiries by email (anastasia(at)slabucho(dot)com).
  • If you are here for pleasure (i.e. as a reader or fan), please don’t hesitate to DM me on social media.

Having gotten that out of the way, welcome again.

Some quick words of advice, since every post of mine should, in theory, be helpful: formal versus informal language in books is primarily at the writer’s discretion. Slang and un-essay-like turns of phrase can be powerful, and even essential, if used to create the right atmosphere or to show character. On the other hand, don’t let your book deteriorate into a romp through

Personally, I am using a third-person limited POV for my work, which naturally only allows me to use not-so-literary language in direct speech throughout dialogues. If you were writing a mob boss’ diary, it would probably be a lot more uncouth. So to conclude my little discussion: choose a register appropriate for your narrator and stick with it.

I will be posting more details about my debut novel, myself and my writing process shortly.

Enjoy my blog section with all its informalities.